360° Records

Torch (Torchmann, MC Torch, Hero or DJ Haitian Star) aka Frederik Hahn was born in Heidelberg in 1971 and is one of the Forefathers of German hip hop. In 1987, Torch founded the music group Advanced Chemistry with his hip-hop artist friends Toni-L, Linguist, Gee-One and DJ Mike MD. He was one of the first MCs to establish German as the language of rap and introduced freestyling. In 1994 he founded his own label, 360°Records, and with his album "Blauer Samt", released in 2000, he is still the godfather of German HipHop Culture.

Torch was and is the mouthpiece for the German Hip Hop movement and without a doubt he had a significant influence on it. His profound lyrics are dedicated to personal and political issues and his penchant for literature is clearly recognizable in his lyrics. He is considered a critic of the mainstream and commercialization of hip-hop and a mouthpiece for the underprivileged. In 2021, his native city of Heidelberg held an anniversary celebration in honor of his 50th birthday to pay tribute to the master. Even if Torch has long since retired from the public eye, he is and will remain one of the pioneers of German rap.

We have been fans from the very beginning and are therefore incredibly happy to be able to represent 360° Records in Austria.