I've been practicing hip hop since the year 2000, first started breaking and then came across rap at a gig and I immediately had to rap too. You haven't stopped with both pillars of hip hop, although you've always had breaks but always come back. Hip hop with heart and soul.

Place of residence: Vienna, Austria

Crews: (Pandora, Pronexus Entertainment, Eastblok Family) but now traveling solo.

Occupation: (Works in the social sector)

Vocation: (see profession and also make rap music, breakin and videos)(am my own beatmaker, rapper, my own mixing and mastering engineer, shoot my own videos and promote myself).
Quote: (I don't wait for miracles, I create them myself).


2008 Pronexus Sampler

2015 Eastblok Sampler

2017 Ricky & Gabriel -Mai mult decit Hip Hop

2022 Solo Album Bildpoezie

2023 Solo Album Babysteps to Unabhängigkeit

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