Dr. Knarf

Niko Brenner aka Dr. Knarf started writing his own lyrics and making his first beats in the late 90s. He was soon rapping his way through the freestyle battle scene and quickly made a name for himself.

Unlike other artists, he does not want to use his texts to draw attention to social grievances or express his political views, but rather to reflect on himself and talk about topics taken from real life.

Dr Knarf is part of the ingenious crew of the HKC crew (Hamburg Köln Connection or Haters Keepers Clikke), rightly referred to as the "German Wutang".

In 2004 his album "Fickt Euch Alle 2004" (Fickt You All 2004) was released, in which he processed his 6-month pre-trial detention. In the "Tash Mixtapes" in 2007 and 2008 he released songs he has accumulated over the years. In 2011 the album "Kniwolution" was released.

As longtime fans, we are proud to announce Dr. To be able to represent Knarf in our shop and are looking forward to the new album "Prometheus"!

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