A.geh Wirklich?

The Viennese dialect rapper A.geh Wirklich? alias Alexander Gabriel is an Austrian hip-hop veteran whose style is characterized by the Viennese dialect and ironic lyrics. He discovered his love for music early on and at the tender age of 19 he founded a hip-hop band with friends and made his first live appearances. His debut as a solo artist followed in 2002, in 2004 he released his first album and in the years that followed, many more albums followed. The style of A.geh Really? is also described as a mixture of Viennese jest, hip-hop, Viennese Schrammeln, pop and R&B and is also attributed to Austropop. The you tube series "Viennese with A.geh" is also legendary. in which he guides the viewer through the real, partially unknown Viennese dialect.